Ship’s officials


Cunard 2

  • Captain: J. TREASURE JONES, R.D., (Capt. R.N.R. Retd.)
  • Staff Captain: P. W. Silson
  • Chief Officer: V. K. ARBUCKLE
  • Chief Engineer: R. FORBES
  • Staff Chief Engineer: H. M. ARMSTRONG
  • Purser: C. G. BELLAMY
  • Staff Purser: G. J. NOLAN
  • Principal Medical Officer: DR. J. S. CLARKE, M.B.., B.CH., B.A.O.
  • Surgeon: DR. P. J. M. WRIGHT F.R.C.S., M.B., B.S., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.
  • Chief Radio Officer: E. BOYCE
  • Chief Steward: J. SAWYER
  • Second Steward: R. MORRISON
  • Cruise Director: Mr B. JENKINS
  • Deputy Cruise Director: Mr. J. J. ORCHARD
  • Social Directresses: Miss P. THOMPSON, Miss S. K. THOMAS
  • Cruise Staff: Mr. J. CREASEY, Mr. C. HAYWARD, Mr. P. KIMBER, Mr L. O’FLYNN, Mr. E. C. PEREGRINE
  • Shore Excursion Manager: Mr. M. F. G. BRAME, M.B.E.
  • Shore Excursion Staff: Mr. P. A. S. GOODWIN, Mr. J. McDOUGAL
  • Church of England Chaplain: Rev. Canon J. W. CLIFT
  • Roman Catholic Chaplain: Rev. Father W. A. BLOOR, O.S.B.

Cabaret Artistes provided by BERNARD DELFONT LIMITED

The ship’s officers may be identified by the following insignia:-
Captain, four gold stripes; Staff Captain four gold stripes; Chief Officer, three gold stripes; Chief Engineer, four gold stripes, purple between; Staff Chief Engineer, four gold stripes, purple between; Principal Medical Officer, three gold stripes, red between; Surgeon, three gold stripes, red between; Purser, three gold stripes, white between; Staff Purser, two-and-a-half gold stripes, white between; Chief Radio Officer, two-and-a-half gold stripes, green between; Chief Steward, three gold zig-zag Stripes; Second Steward, two-and-a-half gold zig-zag stripes.

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