Special Notice

Cunard 4For the benefit of all our cruise passengers it must be understood that information given pertaining to the various ports of call is based upon facts obtained during previous visits to these places, coupled with the latest information received prior to our leaving Southampton.

It is our wish to assist you as far as possible in deciding what to do ashore, and to this end all printed matter and talks are submitted for your own particular benefit.


Passengers are warned not to leave money, jewellery or other valuables about the staterooms, saloons or other parts of the ship, not to entrust these to anyone but the Purser’s Office.

Passengers are also cautioned to retain in their own possession small packages containing purchases made ashore.


will not be changed on board

Passengers can arrange by radio to have money deposited with any CUNARD LINE LTD. office for payment on board. The Purser upon advice from a Cunard Line Ltd. office will arrange payment of such money to the passenger.

Salt Water Baths in Port

Passengers are advised against using salt water for bathing while the ship is in port.

Fresh water showers are always available.


Passengers are advised that, should they wish to invite guests on board for meals at Cruise ports, they are requested to contact the Chief Steward who will make the necessary arrangements provided space is available in the Restaurant.

The following scale of charges will apply for each guest, and payment should subsequently be made at the Purser’s Office when an official receipt will be issued:

Breakfast – 14s. Luncheon – 28s. Dinner – 35s.


Liquors purchased by passengers at ports of call for landing in Southampton will be received on board by the Baggage Master and given special stowage which is entirely at passengers’ risk.

These packages will be delivered to staterooms shortly before the ship docks at Southampton.


If you have not already made your reservations, this should be done through the Restaurant Manager, who will be located in the Lounge, Prom. Deck, until sailing time.


It is dangerous to throw lighted cigars or cigarettes over the side of the ship as they are invariably blown back into an open porthole and could cause a disastrous fire, and we urgently request you to refrain from such practice.

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